Why Byepix?

1 min readDec 18, 2021


Why Byepix: A newer interface
We have said that the aim of ByePix is to simplify decentralized financial instruments that look complicated.
Have you tried to buy NFTs from central marketplaces before?

Here are some Reddit comments:
“I wanted to buy my first NFT today. I found the collection and connected my wallet. But I was scammed by a completely fake collection. If you can’t filter this out, why are you even there”
“I can’t see something I found here once again. Why must it be so hard”

It is possible to multiply these examples. While the blockchain and NFT industry is developing and changing rapidly, the marketplaces where these products are sold cannot adapt to this speed.
Having noticed this deficiency, we developed for you:
ByePix NFT Marketplace!

Time is cash!
A classic saying but it continues to be relevant in every century!
Byepix NFT Marketplace helps you find what you are looking for at the highest speed with an intuitive algorithm.
With ByePix, you can contact the NFTs you like with one click. You can even add them to your watchlist.




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