What is Byepix?

What is Byepix? Let us explain;

Byepix is an NFT, DeFi, Blockchain, GameFi and Metaverse platform with many functions:

· The project acts as an independent NFT ecosystem that draws users into the blockchain space. It offers services that cover the entire NFT lifecycle, allowing anyone to create, publish, participate in the auction of, trade, and swap NFTs with low gas fees. Users will also be able to search and stake NFTs.

· Byepix will allow users to create 3D NFTs and move their NFTs into the Metaverse.

· Byepix will have a Game Platform.

· Byepix will have its own Swap application where users will be able to create and swap their Tokens or Coins.

· Byepix will have its own Launchpad.

As times have changed, the world has taken an incredible turn towards modernism. Lifestyles have changed at the same pace and these changes show the innovative mindset of people. These ideas are for the benefit and convenience of humanity and have left everyone astounded. NFT Projects is another thing that comes out of a person’s smart thinking.

What are our visions?

Byepix’s visions are to integrate NFTs, which will form the building blocks of virtual universes, into systems and to create the blockchain base that will enable users to build and experience universes of unpredictable size by maximizing the AR experience.

EPIX is the governance token of the Byepix platform.

And it has the following use cases:

· Governance designed so, that the EPIX token holders can vote on platform parameters to drive project economics and developments.

· Incentives: EPIX tokens going to be used to reward user participation in future bounty hunting, referrals, and other programs. EPIX tokens are required for NFT issuance, staking, auction, trading and more.

· System Tax: Users trading with EPIX tokens will contribute to a dividend pool.

Token Economics

Token Specifications:

  • Name: Byepix Token
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 EPIX
  • Symbol: EPIX
  • Decimal:18
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain




The first #MetaFi project on the Metaverse. Byepix is an #NFT, #Blockchain, #Gamefi #PlaytoEarn #Web3 and #Metaverse platform. https://linktr.ee/byepixhttps://l

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The first #MetaFi project on the Metaverse. Byepix is an #NFT, #Blockchain, #Gamefi #PlaytoEarn #Web3 and #Metaverse platform. https://linktr.ee/byepixhttps://l

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