2 min readSep 1, 2022

The Official Announcement About the Migration of the Contract Adress

The EPIX Token has migrated to a new contract address Byepix (Sep 1, 2022)

We, Byepix, hereby publish an official announcement of the migration of the Epix Token to a new contract address.

This Token migration is common practice and has been successfully carried out by Byepix.

The EPIX Token Smart Contract has been redeployed under the Maximum Profit Program. Within the scope of the new deployment, Lock and Unlock functions have been configured in such a way that you, our valuable investors, will get maximum efficiency from your investments.

  • The makeUnlocking function is limited to unlocking 30,000 tokens per day via Web 3.0 Protocols and the Byepix DAAPs EPIX Token sales panel.
  • The makePreSaleICOLocking function is positioned on the “Struct” structure in such a way that it can save the lockedAmount structure according to the ID structure of Byepix investors and that the makeUnlocking function can read it.
  • External, Private, and Internal structures of EPIXBEP20 and PreICOSale Agreements have been revised and optimized according to OpenZepplin, Ethereum, BSC security parameters.
  • Emergency action triggers have been added with the Web 3.0 protocol in case there is any error in token distribution.
  • Privatekey value of Owner Address of EPIXBEP20 and PreICOSale contracts is encrypted with the Blockchain Key algorithm on private layer distributed servers.

Old Token Adress:

New Token Adress:

Next Update: Due to the security protocols and Blockchain contract protection within Byepix, following the ICO Sales, Byepix will change the owner addresses of the EPIXBEP20 and PreICOSale contracts.


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