The First MetaFi Project: Byepix!

Byepix, whose development started in October 2021, is the first MetaFi project to combine essential concepts such as Play2Earn, Metaverse, GameFi, Metalands, NFT (Free Create & Sell), Gaming Platform, SocialFi, BlockChain (NFT & Gaming), and DeFi-Games in one platform.

While making all these improvements, Byepix ensures that it will be a safe and fast platform using WEB 3.0 technology.

In terms of accessibility and ease of use, it will be integrated into the mobile and web interfaces. Considering the Metaverse platforms, which have many users in appearance but not in reality, Byepix will make its investors very happy.

Epix Star System consists of 9 planets in the Metaverse. Different features and terrains are defined for each planet, and everything is designed with MetaFi advanced Gamification scenarios. Many investors have closely followed Epix Star System.

Let’s underline that Life Planet, which contains the first active land;

will be active very soon.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that while all presale investors are given free land tickets, they are valid for a limited time.



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