Making money with Byepix Mission: How do you get started with missions?

“The most profitable platform to earn in-game currency, coins, or NFTs by completing simple tasks.”

Recently, the Byepix Mission Platform has become active. By completing any of the tasks collected into 3 main groups, you will be able to earn in-game currency, Pix and Epi coins, NFT and many other rewards. (You will find information about Pix and Epi at the very end.)

With the “Social2Earn” model, Byepix offers its users the opportunity to earn money. Don’t you want to earn tens of dollars by taking just a few minutes a day? The Mission Platform does not waste your time like other social media accounts, but rather saves it.

So, what is the Byepix Mission Platform, what is its purpose, and how can you win? Let’s examine it.

What is the Byepix Mission? “What is Byepix?”

We will find this answer to the question. A ticket to a star system where conditions are better!

A new star system has been discovered. It’s called the Byepix Star System. The Byepix Star System consists of nine planets containing all the resources humanity needs. Moreover, everything was collected in a star system, not just on one planet. Since placing all systems on a single planet might have insufficient infrastructure, they chose to deploy the systems across these 9 planets. These are; Info Planet, Finance Planet, Farming Planet, Life Planet, Fun Planet, Creation Planet, Community Planet, Task Planet, Game Planet, and Mission Planet. Pioneers plan to transport humanity to this new star system, the Life Planet. The work has already begun.

A huge spaceship is being built to take 1,000 people to the Byepix Life Planet. We need the community’s help to provide a safe haven for those who will migrate to the Byepix Star System. That’s why we’re going to Mission Planet. All you have to do is complete the missions on the planet and win!

Before we move to a new world, the Life Planet, we are starting to implement our fair-win system here. You work long hours. You may not be getting what you deserve. You may want to earn more but can’t handle it. Wait a minute. We are where you can handle it right now. The purpose of the Byepix Mission platform is to support you in making financial gains regardless of who you are. For this, the tough “Money Making” concept was combined with the power and convenience of Metaverse Technology. All you have to do is take just a few minutes a day to complete social tasks. You could win tens of thousands of dollars in prizes as a result.

The Byepix Mission is divided into 3 main groups with different difficulty levels,

Daily Missions,

Chapter Missions,

Special Missions.

You can start the missions by choosing any of them.

What are the Daily Missions?

It contains tasks that are performed on a daily basis. The tasks here are quite simple. You can earn Pix by logging in to the platform. Yes, just by logging in. You can easily make money on the platform by just logging in regularly and performing tasks. There is only one thing that you need to pay attention to; daily tasks will be reset when a new day starts. Therefore, be sure to log in every day.

What are the Chapter Missions?

Chapter Missions are also called Pioneer Missions. These are the most challenging and rewarding missions available on the Byepix Mission Platform.

Chapter missions consist of three parts. The first episode is based on the “Social2Earn” model and tells us to “Be a Pioneer”. Completing more difficult tasks like Pioneer will give you more perks and greater rewards.

So what do these perks and rewards include?

The Pioneers are strongly intertwined with the Byepix Army. Pioneers can wear gorgeous Pioneer-only armor in the Byepix universe and receive Pioneer-only discounts and privileges.

As a Pioneer, you can earn a variety of unique avatars and NFTs. You will be able to vote in the DAO. You can take advantage of the advantages that will be offered to you in the Play2earn system. You can get various benefits on the Mission Platform.

So how?

Being a pioneer is about how much you want to go to this magnificent star system and start a new life and climb the career ladder. To be a pioneer, you must complete the Mission Platform missions daily and show your commitment by being among the top 200. A total of 200 people will be selected according to a dynamic 3-month ranking. Each season will last about 3 months, and the Byepix Leaderboard will be updated each season. Users will receive various rewards based on their ranking at the end of the season, and if you are selected at the end of the first episode, you will be sent to Byepix Life Planet. And the second part of the Chapter Mission will begin here. The “Play2Earn” model will begin when you arrive on the planet Life, and it will be your task to fight creatures and make Life Planet a safer place until you reach the third chapter. If you want to be one of the first to set foot on Life Planet, complete the missions and book your ticket before it’s too late.

What are Special Missions?

Special Missions will be time-based missions. When a special task is started, you will be notified by push notifications. Make sure you have browser notifications enabled and keep an eye on this page.

Don’t miss out on valuable and highly rewarding missions. You can visit to see the missions and start earning on the platform.

Collect Pix, convert to Epi!

What is PIX?

Pix is an in-system point type. You can turn your Pixes you get by completing the tasks into epis with the in-system convert system, and then you can get various rewards from the marketplace with these epis.

How can I earn it?

You can earn Pix by completing quests, inviting your friends, or participating in various events.

What is EPI?

Epi is the currency on the Byepix Mission platform. You must have the Epi for everything you buy on the Byepix Mission platform.

How can I earn it?

You can get Epi by completing quests or participating in various events.



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