It’s time for total freedom with Byepix: Locks are lifted!

3 min readApr 26, 2022

As Byepix, we continue to share all the developments related to the project for our holders and potential investors with the weekly articles we publish on our social media accounts. We need to carefully examine the feedback we receive from you on the way to becoming a DAO and share all decisions taken about the project.

This week, we have news that will make you happy:

We decided to revise our vesting calendar in favor of our investors!

As you will remember: We reduced our lock period, which was 180 days before, to 60 days. Now is the time for total freedom. With a new decision, we are also removing the lock period! According to the new vesting calendar, EPIX Tokens do not have a fixed lock period.

So when will token transfers and sales take place?

According to our new vesting calendar, only one rule is left that concerns our lock-related investors. This rule is directly related to the day you buy.

Here is a tool to calculate when to sell tokens:

The number of days between the pre-sale start date and the day you make a purchase


The number of days you can sell after the listing date

For example, someone who buys EPIX Tokens 5 days after the start of the pre-sale will be able to sell five days after listing.

Why did we need this?

Just sharing the updates we’ve made isn’t enough. We are aware that we must explain in detail the reasons for our decisions to establish healthy communication with our community.

Here are the reasons for the vesting update:

The things that hold us together.

We are very confident in our project. We know that with the improvements we will make after the pre-sales, we will turn the EPIX Token into an object of desire. Creating a vesting calendar prevents decreases in the price table by predicting the large sales that users will make after the listing. We can also do this without the vesting time.

The first condition is to provide reasons for investors to continue holding. Byepix has the potential to create a revolutionary impact with both technical and social results. We will continue to reward our holders by creating in-game economies, staking, yield farming, and other passive income. What holds us together is not locked smart contracts but a consensus and action built for mutual benefit.

Market Dynamics

Byepix is ​​a project that always prioritizes freedom, especially financial freedom. While Creation Planet and Life Planet stood aside as examples of this libertarian understanding, we realized that long lock times are not compatible with the spirit of decentralization and cryptocurrencies. Also, in such a dynamic and rapidly changing market, locked tokens are not ideal for most users.

Community Request

Apart from other reasons, requests from our investors in this regard played a significant role in our decision. Thus, the first steps of Byepix DAO were taken with this development.

Decreased Sales Pressure

We talked about lowering the Presale Final Round supply recently. As the number of buyers from pre-sales will decrease with the decreasing supply, post-listing sales pressure has also reduced at the same rate. This was the reason why we reset the vesting times.




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