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We, as Byepix, have been in development since October 21, 2021. We have developed many ideas and formed our Whitepaper along with our Roadmap for the platform and carried out 20+ developments and countless updates to provide a solid foundation for the project to build on. You may visit our website to gather more information.

We are content with where we are right now and are eager to keep moving forward to make this incredibly special platform a reality, which will help advance future technologies and provide THE BEST AND MOST UNIFIED VIRTUAL LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Join Us, Let's Reach the Stars Together!

Some of our Developments;

Byepix Star System Info Page:
Payment Platform:
Market Place:
Byepix Gems Hunter P2E Game (Test Version):
Mission (SoFi) Platform:
NFT Showroom:
Byepix Land Map:
Byepix Metaland:
Byepix Virtual Life:

We’re getting closer to our key targets now:

In addition to developing The Most Exclusive Web-3 Based Super-Metaverse, Byepix is also a Technological Laboratory developing Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain solutions and Protocols.

Byepix is a Multi-Faceted Technological Platform that Develops, Converts, Creates, and Provides.

Byepix Contributes to the Advancement of Blockchain Technology

In order to overcome the limitations of the Blockchain and to provide definitive solutions for problems like scaling, communication, and segregation within and between the Metaverses, Byepix is getting ready to begin developing its own Layer 2 Metaverse Blockchain to be merged with its Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol which will be integrated to Byepix Super Metaverse Application.

Solution 1) Byepix Metaverse Blockchain - Layer 2 Solution

It takes part in the Layer 2 Protocol field and serves as the Processing Brain of the Metaverse Environments. It removes all borders and access restrictions in Metaverse Environments for all users.

Byepix removes borders and brings all the Metaverse users in the world together.

Solution 2) Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol

Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol spreads to all internet environments for Metaverse users, collects, processes, and performs data and functions that will bring users together, and establishes inter-network connections. The Super Metaverse Protocol is a Layer 2 cross-chain aggregator that connects all metadata servers and networks together into a unified Byepix-based ecosystem.

When Byepix Metaverse Blockchain is completed, it will merge with Byepix SMP.

Solution3) Byepix SMA (Super Metaverse Application)

The Byepix Super Metaverse Application is an application with a User Interface Design that works using the Byepix Super Metaverse Protocol.

Byepix's Super Metaverse Multi-Layered Integration provides users in all Metaverse environments with NFT and Asset Management, Price Measurements, Marketcap, Sales, and Transfer capabilities on a unified platform. Manage All Your Assets with the Super Metaverse Application.

The Metaverse is even more awesome now!

Contact Your Avalanche Network Friend While Participating on the Ethereum Network! Byepix provides users with seamless transitions for experiencing reality.

This means all the New or Existing Metaverse Projects are going to be able to use this application to overcome the limitations of the Blockchain and maximize their use of the Metaverse Blockchain.

Solution 4) The World’s First All-In-One Metaverse As The Prototype For These Solutions

The most exclusive Web3-based All-In-One Platform that includes all Blockchain tools such as Virtual Life, Virtual Lands, Play2Earn, NFTs, Metafi, GameFi, SoFi, and DAO.

This is where we are creating a new world to be a shining example of how life on Earth can be. It is also the place for you to start shaping your new life so that it can one day be realized in your physical existence. The beneficial features of Byepix such as P2E, SoFi, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and also Investing in the $EPIX can be a huge help to make your dream life a reality.

Besides Developing The Solutions Above, Byepix is currently developing the following to integrate into its Game Platform and Creation Platform:

Byepix P2E Protocol

This Protocol is a Technological Solution that allows all existing or new games to be converted to Play-To-Earn within hours. This Protocol will be integrated into our Game Platform.

Metaversification Application

This Application will allow Users Simply to Build Entire Metaverses, Games, and all their assets with a couple of clicks.

$EPIX Token

We’ve created an exciting ecosystem around the $EPIX token, which will operate as the center of all Byepix Platforms and the entire virtual reality metaverse. Every day, we come up with new possible use cases for the $EPIX token.

That is why we are excited to launch the $EPIX token ICO.

You can buy $EPIX tokens with USDT, BNB, BUSD, and ETH.

ICO Bonuses

1.Purchase Bonus (Up to 20%):
Early investors will be granted bonus rewards during the ICO that will give them additional tokens. The following dates are when you can get this bonus:

Week 1: 20%
Week 2: 15%
Week 3: 10%

In the final five weeks of the ICO, there will be only a 5% additional $EPIX bonus.

2. Land Rewards for each Investment Level
Byepix believes that the ICO investors should be rewarded for their support, which is why it’s giving away land parcels.

Investment — Reward

$500 — Silver Land

$1000 — Gold Land

$2000 — Diamond Land

$4500 — Premium land

This Reward can be claimed before the public Land sale and will have one of the prime locations on the Mainland.

3. ICO Staking at 90% APY
A first in DeFi history! “Start Generating Returns the Very Moment You Invest!”

We proudly announce ICO Staking based on its motto.

We offer our investors the opportunity to increase the number of $EPIX Tokens they own by allowing them to stake their $EPIXs at a rate of 90% APY.

4. Four Different Referral Bonuses
If you use your unique referral link to introduce new investors to our project, you will be recognized as an ambassador.

a) Token Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)

b) Land Referral Bonus (Up to Diamond Land with a Mansion)

c) USDT Referral Bonus (Up to 20%)

d) Land Sales Referral Bonus (Up to 15%)

5) Maximum Profit Program
This program is designed to boost and maintain the Price of $EPIX. (It is extremely beneficial for ICO investors.) “Maximum Profit Program.” It keeps the circulating supply minimal by locking $EPIX Tokens in wallets. This way, even though tokens are distributed to Investors’ wallets, they won’t get into the Circulating Supply.

Low Circulating Supply = High Price

$EPIXs get into Circulating Supply only when they are unlocked. And the unlocking mechanism works such that the purchased $EPIX Tokens will not be released all at once. They will be released in the order of Purchase every day, at different times, and non-simultaneously.

This way, Byepix keeps the Circulating Supply under control, eliminates pump-and-dump, and enables prices to increase organically, so investors may benefit hugely from their Early Investment.

Until their $EPIXs are Unlocked, Byepix Investors can make use of the Byepix ICO Staking freely at a 90% APY rate even though their $EPIXs are locked. So, they make even more profit by increasing the number of $EPIXs that they own.

This is how it works:

After the first listing, vesting periods will be activated. Then, when the Vesting (30/90/180 days) ends, the Maximum Profit Program of the ICO will add the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to the vesting days from the beginning of the ICO to the moment the Investor Purchased. And release the tokens at the very unique moment to be Traded.

ICO Details

  • Start ICO: Sep, 9th 2022
  • End ICO: Nov, 9th 2022
  • Token Price in USD: 1 Epix = 0.18–0.27–0.33
  • Fundraising Goal SoftCap: $6.112.500
  • Listing Price: $5
  • Listing Date: November, 10
  • Minimum Investment: $50
  • Accepted Currencies: USDT, BNB, BUSD, ETH
  • Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • ICO Supply (10%):100,000,000 $EPIX Token

Purchase Epix:

The guide on how to purchase the $EPIX token may be found in the pinned messages section of our Telegram Global or Announcement Channels.

We always advise people to perform their own research. That is why we would like to provide these project-related links;

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