Byepix NFT vision

(NFT Market Place & NFT Earning)

Nft Earning

Standard NFT Marketplace structures allow users to only participate in the Marketplace structure and blockchain network of products created in the external environment.

With a new generation analytical approach, Byepix NFT Creation enables users to draw NFT images in Byepix NFT application and equip them with NFT Creation features.

Creation enables users to create NFTs in the web environment, regardless of external environments, with its own Custom Design APP.

There is no creation fee for NFTs designed on the NFT Design APP platform. When uploading NFTs to the blockchain, only the shipping fee is charged.

NFT Market Place

NFT platform is a place where the user can upload, show, and sell their own NFT where they can search, buy, vote, or follow other NFTs.

What is an NFT marketplace and how does it operate?

A non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace is like any other bazaar where goods are bought and sold it’s a place where buyers meet sellers and NFT wares are arrayed and stored. Users can either buy tokens at a set price or bid for them at an auction.

Because an NFT marketplace is, well, digital, there must be a mechanism in place that regulates transactions. This is where smart contracts come into play — self-executed transaction protocols that facilitate trades between users.

While some NFT marketplaces are centered around one particular industry (digital art, for instance), others offer a range of NFTs: everything from in-game collectibles to web domains and trading cards.



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