Byepix NFT Staking

2 min readDec 10, 2021


Staking is how investors can lock up a part of their investment for a fixed period to contribute to the blockchain network. The network, in return, rewards the investors with more tokens. Cryptocurrencies that use proof-of-stake models use staking as a way to add new transactions to the blockchain.

In the standard staking structure, due to the staking rules of 721, 20, 1155 protocols in their internal networks, only the following:

Stake (Coin to Coin), Stake (NFT to NFT) allows staking structures. Due to these disadvantages, some improvements were made, and Byepix NFT Stake was developed. You can get EPIX in return by staking NFT asset classes with NFT Stake.

You can also stake with the Stake (NFT to NFT) rule.

How Byepix NFT Staking works:

With Byepix NFT Stake, you can earn EPIX Tokens by staking the NFT Asset Class artifacts that you purchased from the Marketplace section or created with Byepix-Creation:

1-Buy NFT or Create NFT

2-Stake NFT

3-Earn Token




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