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2 min readDec 10, 2021


ICO Staking

Never heard of it?

-You are right. It is the first of its kind.

Usually ICO (Initial Coin Offering) goes months long, and investors wait until the project gets listed on exchanges without any growth in their investments, meaning investments stand still with no progress and this is not good for investors’ pockets. That’s why we decided to create this ICO style because we want to reward our investors as much as possible.

How does it work?

There are 5 different stages where each stage has a locked amount of time and just like normal staking the longer the locking time is, the more is the reward. This reward system is unique indeed, but it is not only limited to staking. For example, if an investor purchases 12 months of lock period, they buy each token approximately 9x cheaper than 1 Week lock period.

The reward for yearly staking: 90%

We guide our investors to stake


If the user wishes to stake after the ICO Lock period ends, they can stake for the duration of 1 upper stage, which is:

· If ICO Lock was for 1 Week = then investor can stake minimum 1 Month

· If ICO Lock was for 1 Month = then investor can stake minimum 3 Months

· If ICO Lock was for 3 Months = then investor can stake minimum 6 Months

· If ICO Lock was for 6 Months = then investor can stake minimum 12 Months

If ICO Lock was for 12 months = then investor can stake minimum 12 Months and maximum 24 Months.

*12 Months Lock is different from the other locking periods to make it more convenient for our investors.

Staking Rules

· After the lock and/or minimum staking period, users can unlock anytime they wish and get their reward automatically.

· If the investor withdraws their token during the second lock period after the ICO Lock, they are considered to have broken the staking contract, so they won’t be able to get any rewards.

· If the user does not unlock, the lock goes on maximum for 12* months. At the end of 12 months, the staking rule will automatically be broken, and the reward will be added to the amount.

· Annual percentage is 90% (If someone stakes for a year, they get 90% of the amount they stake as a reward).

*For 12 Months lock, maximum 24 months of staking is allowed.




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