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Transformation of the Metaverse: Byepix Super-Metaverse

Before we begin, it would be important to note the following:

We are moving in the direction of altering the norms of this environment, not breaking them.

People on the technical side of the business think twice when they see the All-In-One concept. If the concept of All-In-One is used next to the word Metaverse, we need some clarification.

To this date, we have encountered many projects in the Metaverse world, most of them just a website or a game.

For Byepix, Metaverse stands for an “End-to-End Experience.”

What Do We Focus On? ➡️ User Experience

Instead of focusing only on the product itself, we are also interested in how the user uses the product at this point and how functional the product is for the user.

To understand what kind of function we are talking about, we should take a look at our roadmap;

  • Virtual Life (Metaverse),
  • NFT Marketplace,
  • Staking Systems,
  • DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
  • Daily Tasks (Mission),
  • Creation,
  • Gaming Platform,
  • NFT Blockchain,
  • DeFi Systems

When we examine the nine items above, we realize that:

All of Byepix’s developments serve a single purpose. This goal is to combine all the pieces of the “Metaverse”.

`See: Super Metaverse Application (SMA).

We make a whole from small parts
The user spends time on the Metaverse, having fun with his/her friends. He produces works of art in NFT format, earns money from daily tasks with Daily Tasks, exchanges his earned money for DeFi systems, or multiplies his earnings.

Is that all? No.

We also offer you the opportunity to play games and have fun with the Gaming Platform.

  • Gaming Platform consists of smart systems where players and games come together. Within the Gaming Platform, you can make your games compatible with the Play2Earn model within hours and integrate the gamification system to keep your users in the game.
  • In the Byepix NFT section, you can create, draw, list, and sell NFTs.
  • You can perform Swaps on Byepix DeFi systems and multiply your earnings.
  • On Daily Tasks, you can earn with simple daily tasks, chapter missions, and special missions, and you can get various rewards, including NFTs.
  • By locking your assets in Staking Systems, you avoid the risk of loss and earn profits with certain interests.
  • With DAO, you can participate in voting, make decisions, and have various powers.

Our priority is Byepix Metaverse Blockchain,
The target point of Byepix Metaverse Blockchain will be Metaverse scaling, at which point Metaverse Blockchain Off-Chain and On-Chain services will be configured according to Metaverse requirements and will work on scaling problems solutions that are not yet born for Metaverse.

Byepix Metaverse Blockchain Layer 2 Solution
Byepix develops solutions to Metaverse scaling problems and configures Blockchain infrastructure according to Metaverse environments.

Byepix Metaverse Layer 2’s focus will be on File Systems, NFTs, and most importantly, Byepix Metaverse Blockchain, which will be tasked with bringing together all metaverse projects in the Blockchain and IPFS ecosystem and providing interconnection exchanges between projects.

Byepix Layer 2; On-Chain and Off-Chain functions will be configured for the Metaverse.

Byepix for Users, Companies, and Projects
Byepix All-In-One, is All-In-One exclusively for platforms?

No! The Byepix Metaverse experience is available to all users, businesses, and organizational structures with development objectives.

Our protocols include the following parameters:
B2B (Business To Business)

B2C (Business To Consumer)

C2B (Consumer To Business)

C2C (Consumer To Consumer)

Byepix For Developers

Developers can enjoy unlimited production in the Byepix universe. The Byepix Development List by Developer Category is as follows:



3D Artist,

API Protocols,



Byepix Development Team and Strategy Board (For Developers)

** It builds on the Byepix Development Universe SDK (Software Development Kit) architecture. The BDU-S fabric will be able to communicate with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon (MATIC) Testnet Networks and then connect to test branches.

You will be able to connect and develop with the developer hooks that will be published in the following stages!

Byepix and Security
We have been observing for a long time that many projects are hacked and experiencing Algorithmic problems due to the root problem of scaling.

The Ronin Bridge, Harmony Bridge, and Terra Algorithm explosions were news that deeply saddened us.

Well, Byepix, How will it learn from them? Which path will it follow? How will he follow when there are so many topics to take lessons from?

As Byepix, we know that most of the hacking events in the ecosystem are caused by the Scaling problem of Blockchains or smart contracts.

As a result, Byepix Blockchain implements the multi-phase Byepix Security Protocols (BSP) to guarantee the security of DAPPs and the Ecosystem

1st Phase: Byepix publishes Proxy, Router, Token and NFT Contracts within Byepix Security Protocols.

2nd Phase: These Contracts are published on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain testnets and mainnet networks.

3rd Phase: Byepix Blockchain Security team creates audits on the studies.

4th Phase: Performs our tests on Closed Mainnet Networks

5th Phase: Platform Audit reports are generated for the associated Platforms the User will interact with.

Byepix begins the deployment process on the targeted network or server once all five phases are completed.

After the deployment process is done successfully, the Byepix Security ecosystem is watched to make sure security is always there.

Byepix Super-Metaverse
Byepix Super-Metaverse Provides a Web 3.0 Based Universal Inter-Contactable Metaverse for Users and Projects.

Connect, Transact, Create, and Publish!

Byepix believes that Metaverse environments must be more than just publishing applications or NFTs.

What is Metaverse For Byepix
Virtualized Dimensions, including NFTs and 360-Degree communication, allow users to interact, do business, and stay in touch with one another across multiple networks (Metaverses).

Projects must be able to interact and transact with other projects interconnectedly. And users interact with other users while having fun on various networks.

Byepix announced the Byepix Super-Metaverse Layer 2 Protocol to create a real-life Metaverse environment, as written above. Byepix Super Metaverse Technology advocates allowing multiple protocols to connect through a bridge and bringing them under one roof.

What is the Super-Metaverse?
The Super-Metaverse provides an environment where all projects and users in the Metaverse environments can interact together by using the Super-Metaverse Protocol and Application infrastructure. Byepix will bring all the different points of contact into a single point for you and offer a universal Metaverse environment.

Super Metaverse technology is being developed to support all structures in the Metaverse environment and provide flexible connection protocols, including the Blockchain Metaverse infrastructure to be developed by Meta.

Byepix Application for the Super-Metaverse
With this application, which works through Byepix’s Metaverse Cross-Chain supported SMP,

You can manage your NFTs and Lands in all Metaverse environments, see their prices, measure their market caps, and sell them!

SMA offers Users and Projects the ability to transact with Cross-Network Marketplaces.

Byepix Protocol for the Super-Metaverse (SMP)
The Super Metaverse Protocol scans all DAPPS projects on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and IPFS Networks and aggregates projects from all assets for users and projects.

SMP provides infrastructure support for Super Metaverse Application. Thus, users can transact in cross-blockchains and metaverse environments.

When a project begins to build its own Metaverse on the Byepix Metaversification platform, Smart Contract performs IPFS and Environment Construction, which results in the creation of a WebXR (2D/3D) Metaverse Environment. These created environments are published in the web cloud environment, VR-AR-MR, and WEBGL infrastructures with the WebXR API.

Super Metaverse and Collaborations
We’re putting the pieces of the Metaverse Table together. It is our call to all projects in the ecosystem: as long as we come together, we can deliver the Universal Metaverse Reality.

Separate Metaverses are unthinkable. Byepix Super Metaverse has been designed to be compatible with all projects from A to Z.


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